How to keep warm on a budget?


Many things can derail your Budget. Energy is a vast lifetime expense and a need, so it will be a top priority to minimise this reoccurring expense; there are many things we can do right now at home to keep warm on a budget. Sometimes, our Budget might be tight, but it's essential to stay warm and somewhat the impact of the cost of living on our bank accounts. Buy looking at efficient ways to minimise financial waste. 

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Let's start room by room or even area by area; what I'm going to start on first is:

How can you keep yourself warm on a budget?

I have seen many people write many things on this topic; change starts with you and with us how we can change things.

And when I was looking for ideas on how to keep warm, I reflected on my methods. One of the things I did was look back at how our ancestors kept themselves warm, which became straightforward.

Keep warm on a budget by wearing layers all the time.

This seems obvious, but how many of us do this? I always have a string vest on over my bra. Then I might have a tee shirt, a jumper and a cardigan that I wear around the house or even a housecoat or robe.

Swap your heating for a budget-friendly hot water bottle.

Put a hot water bottle under your duvet an hour before you go to bed. Transitional weather, such as during spring and autumn, where you can save on the heating by using a cheaper alternative, is a great time to give this a go.

Warm up with a warm drink.

I like to drink lots of tea and coffee, especially on a cold day. Nothing hits like the perfect cup of tea. If you warm inside, it heats you outside. 


Chase the sun at home.

I work from home, and it has been very sunny this March. I’m lucky enough to have a lot of large windows and have found myself chasing the sun around the house as I work. It also helped my Seasonal Affective Disorder, which I suffer from during Winter, so exposure to natural sunlight is very welcome. Grab your laptop as you work and follow the nooks in your house where the sun streams through.

Invest in long johns to keep warm.

When you next buy pyjamas, consider investing in long johns. I bought some for filming out on the street recently, and I will admit that I love them more than my pyjamas! I have turned off the heating in my room a month earlier than usual, opting for my long johns and a few extra layers instead.

Cuddle up and keep warm.

Get loads of cuddles. I'm fortunate to have two children (aged 6 and 7) who still find their way into my bed in the middle of the night. Even though I end up with back pain from being kicked so many times, I welcome them. But I always remember to get up and switch the heater off in their rooms. 

  1. Get cosy at home on a budget.

Who doesn't want to be a giant teddy bear? Invest in a onesie (one of my favourites is linked here) and insulated socks and slippers. I look at Eskimos and can't help thinking they look so cosy even though they live in the cold. Don't get me wrong, I never want to be that cold, lol.

These are the onesies I recently bought for my kids, and they highly recommend them!

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