Empowerment Through Budgeting: A Single Mother's Journey

In Budgeting and financial planning, criticism often emerges, portraying the discussion of cash envelopes or prioritising spending as having a Lack-Mindset. These comments come from a place of privilege, which isn't bad. Privilege isn't a term of malice; sometimes, it's merely a lack of awareness, but it can present a blinkered view of the world around us. 

In our individual Financial Wellness journeys, we have to start somewhere. My somewhere will be different from yours. It's based on our environment, as I wrote in my book The Money Mentor, which is available here.

I've had to traverse the path of a newly single mom, balancing finances and adapting to a new life with my children. Every penny held significance, and the struggle was real. The teachings I received echoed a singular mantra: work more, which led to unrelenting burnout and a sense of perpetual failure.


Then, I discovered Budgeting—a pivotal shift. It wasn't about diving into stock investments or developing elaborate financial plans. It was about survival, managing, and empowering my family's well-being. Each cent was meticulously accounted for and given a job, and each job was a step towards financial empowerment and growing self-worth.

This journey wasn't about attaining wealth; it was about achieving security. Week after week, I honed my budgeting skills, viewing every low-income job as a step towards empowerment. It wasn't about public acknowledgement but an intimate affirmation within my household—a safety net against the anxiety of unforeseen circumstances.

Prioritising my family's well-being became a cornerstone of 'adulting,' evolving into a stance of protective nurturing. It gave me empowerment, validation, and the courage to carve my path, undeterred by societal norms.


It didn't begin with aspirations of opulence; it commenced with a quest for security. Adjusting to different pay scales underscored the significance of managing expenses—a lesson of balance in flux.

I select jobs mindful of their compatibility with my family's life, negotiating contracts with a newfound sense of self-worth. I wanted stability, a choice. It wasn't about being rich. It was understanding the skill of always managing where I am at. I started with lack, but my mindset was about something beyond a yearning for immediate gratification. It was about comprehending the power of consistency and gradual growth.


I've learned that prioritising budgets and crafting strategies around essential needs isn't mere chance—it's abundance in action.

My journey, unique as it may be, revolves around being a single working mother sustaining our lives through my income. My goal remains steadfast: being present for my family while paving a path towards thriving together.


My circumstances may differ from yours, yet the essence lies in prioritising and navigating a journey where empowerment transcends boundaries. It's about continual growth, lessons learned, the enduring quest for stability and a more profound gratitude for all I have.


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