Our bespoke workshops and programs emphasise the importance of making financial wellness accessible to all.

Our Approach: Real, Relatable, and Influential.

The statistics are there, and we know the damage from bad money habits, but the solution is also there. Our rewiring techniques are done in an engaging manner that filters conversation after the workshops. The Social Inclusion aspect is enormous. Our workshops work effectively for team building, encouraging empathy and acceptance, and making higher levels of productivity in the workplace the side effect.

We not only share the skills but we provide the community needed for emotional support. 

"I am less worried about my personal finances and more focused on the job."-Una

We understand the impact of financial challenges on your team's productivity and well-being. Our bespoke workshops and programs emphasise the human touch, making financial wellness accessible to all..

 It's not just number crunching around here because most decisions are made emotionally and that's a fact... we do things differently.

We all live busy lives, and without simple organisation, busy can quickly turn into costly. Our mission is to create systems that build high morale among your staff. Creating wins using a tiny hack that saves you hundreds of euros, if not thousands, can plant positive seeds that promote a winning mentality throughout your company.

Laya Health Care Financial Well-being Pulse found that -"The cost-of-living crisis is now the primary driver of stress in the workplace, with 58% of HR leaders saying it’s their employees’ biggest concern. so lets sort  it out.



Our Offerings: Tailored to Your Team

  1. Engaging Talks: Quick insights and strategies to empower your team.
  2. Full-Day Workshops: Dive deep into sustainable financial habits with relatable topics.
  3. Morning Workshops: Set a positive tone, address challenges, and inspire a productive day.
  4. Programs: Our detailed program are created to created financial efficiency around home economics.
  5. Specials: Interactive sessions for team morale and building.




Why Us? Our ability to make financial conversations interactive and impactful is second to none. 

Budgeting isn't the problem; it's delivery. Our bespoke solutions cater to  businesses, and government organisations. We promote work-life harmony, contributing to a more balanced and dedicated team.


Navigating financial pressures in college is universal, impacting academic success and student well-being. I'm here to offer a one-hour workshop tailored to empower students with essential financial literacy skills. Let's address the challenges together, enhancing their ability to manage finances, make informed decisions, and thrive in their academic journey. Secure your slot now and let's make a positive impact on your students' well-being!


Secondary School


Navigating through secondary school can be tough, especially when it comes to money and peer pressure. We are thrilled to offer our four week workshops tailored for your students. Let's reshape their financial perspectives, teaching them vital literacy skills. From handling peer pressure to making informed choices, this workshop is designed for empowerment. Ready to make a positive impact? Register your interest now!


Primary School


Social Impact: We value financial literacy as a whole. Our mission in 2024 is to give free workshops in every primary school that would have us in Ireland. So, for every event booked with us, a percentage goes towards the cost of holding these days, where we share budgeting tips with little learners.  Passing it forward is essential to us, and this is our solution to addressing social gaps created by poverty and a lack of financial education. This is truly our bigger picture. If you are a primary school lets book that call


Partner with us to impact social gaps positively and unlock a future of increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, and a happier, financially empowered workforce in Ireland. Contact us for a consultation, and let The Budget Mindset Club be your partner in creating your bespoke financial wellness  workshops.


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