How to use Decluttering to Prevent Impulse Spending

My money personality is that of a Spender. Even today, I find myself tempted when buying that new item because I convince myself I need it. However, the consequence of my impulsive spending is evident in my cluttered home, which feels more like a shrine to my impulses than a space that complements the life I truly want to lead. I no longer wish to be trapped in a house filled with unnecessary items that distract me from my true priorities.

As I embark on the decluttering journey, I am beginning to see how it can rewire my brain and transform my spending habits. Here are some other ways that decluttering can help me overcome my impulse spending urges:

  1. Creating Intentional Spaces: Decluttering allows me to create intentional spaces that serve specific purposes in my life. By clearing out the excess, I can design my home to support my desired lifestyle rather than allowing it to be dominated by impulsive purchases.
  2. Fostering Mindfulness: Decluttering encourages me to be mindful of my belongings and spending choices. It forces me to question whether a new purchase is necessary or just another impulsive desire.
  3. Gratitude for What I Have: As I declutter and organise, I am more profoundly grateful for the items I choose to keep. This appreciation for what I own makes me less likely to seek constant novelty through impulsive spending.
  4. Financial Freedom: Letting go of clutter means letting go of the financial burden of unnecessary purchases. By reducing impulse spending, I can save more money, which opens up opportunities for experiences and investments that align with my long-term goals.
  5. Emotional Well-being: A cluttered environment can lead to increased stress and anxiety. Decluttering creates a sense of calm and order, improving emotional well-being. This, in turn, reduces the need for emotional spending as a coping mechanism.
  6. Learning Contentment: Decluttering teaches me to find contentment in what I already have rather than constantly seeking satisfaction through buying new things. It shifts my perspective from "needing more" to appreciating the abundance in my life.
  7. Goal-Oriented Decision Making: As I declutter, I focus more on my life goals and what truly matters to me. This newfound clarity helps me make more purposeful and goal-oriented decisions, including spending.

By embracing the decluttering process, I am gradually breaking free from the grip of impulsive spending. My home is transforming into a space that reflects my values and supports the life I want to lead. As I continue this journey, I am confident that I will achieve a healthier relationship with money and find fulfilment in a more intentional and clutter-free lifestyle. This is a journey that I embarked on 4 years ago and the results were me clearing €15027 in debt. I chose to write this blog in the first person because I really want you to understand that this is the best reset before you dive into your financial journey. 


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