How to earn money with Surveys and Questionaires (Ireland)

I am often asked how to earn money with surveys and questionnaires in Ireland. 

Doing surveys and questionnaires for cash is an easy way to earn an extra few euros every month. I find that many survey sites that are based in the UK and Europe can be done by Irish participants and they will pay out as normal. Most people spend time watching tv and scrolling if you're going to be on your phone why not make a few coins for yourself. My favourite surveys are the ones that makes you money based on your referrals because it develops an understanding of passive income.

Here I'm going to list out my favourite surveys that I do to earn extra money, all from the comfort of my own sitting room. I'll also give an honest review of how quick and easy to make money from each survey source.

Some surveys I'm sharing will have a referral code. That means I get a percentage for sharing the link from the company involved. This in no way impacts you or the money you earn. I am in no way working for any of the below. These are the links that I use to do my own surveys and questionnaires and want to share these with you. 

The plan is to keep adding new surveys and questionnaires as I see them. I do these whenever I'm doing a saving challenge, for example, my Christmas savings challenge.


The best survey sites to earn money in Ireland


These were the very first surveys I started doing. They are fairly regular but to be honest I have found them a little tedious. Mainly, because of the compatibility round at the start of the survey which is like a mini-survey in itself. In saying all that every little adds up. People absolutely love this one. I do like the fact they have so many surveys on offer at any one time. Click here to join up. 


I love Attapol. The way the App is developed makes the surveys more interesting to complete. However, I find myself getting disqualified a lot. However, at least you know where you stand in the first 30 seconds. I have made over €1345.14 over the lifetime of me doing Attapol that's the most out of any surveys so far. There are also a lot of payment options. 


The surveys on Prolific are really interesting. In saying that, I don't get questionnaires daily. When surveys are available, Prolific are quick to pay out and their rates tend to be higher than other sites. Pay outs are over €5 and are paid through PayPal Well worth signing up, which you can do here.


YouGov is good as surveys are usually based on current events and issues, where you get to give your opinion. The more surveys you do, the more points you earn, which can be converted into cash once you hit the required threshold I find the App on my phone really handy to use. Click here to sign up. This one is worth having.


With Respondent the screening process is so strict and rightfully so. This is mainly geared towards working professionals, and there is a lot of screening processes. However, the payouts are big enough, from €25 to €100. I think it's a case of giving this your energy, setting it up correctly and keep checking it. They conduct over the phone and video questionnaires, and you would need to be completely upfront about your circumstances to qualify.

Irish Opinions

I know a lot of people that swear by Irish Opinions. I wasn't a huge fan; it has been a slow burner for me. I don't like a long pre-survey process, which this can be. However, there have been some hefty surveys of late, so I'm changing my tune. The rewards are great also. I love gift vouchers as rewards because it makes them perfect for treats for the children and I. 

Every month in the Budget Mindset Planner  you are asked to come up with new streams of income. This is a great Idea for anyone on looking at diversifying their income streams.

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