Hi Friends,
I was never conscious that I was terrible with my money. Until 2018 when I ended up a single mother of 2 children. With a much-reduced income and an ever-growing IOU to Financial Institutions, Friends, and Furniture shops. You name it, and I owe it. In 2019 I embarked on a Debt Free Journey when I discovered the power of budgeting. I was hooked! Seeing the power of tracking my spending and planning ahead was an awakening.

Budgeting has transformed how I look at my life. And boy, do I want to share it with the world. That is why I created The Budget Mindset Planner. Recently I found out that I was neurodiverse. This makes sense regarding the creative process with The Budget Mindset Products. I wanted budgeting to become the ultimate Self Care Experience. My budgeting process is deceptively simple because it had to be. For example, every page of The Budget Mindset Planner has opportunities to tick off your wins and strive to improve. It is the ultimate accountability partner.

Why can't a budget product be practical but aesthetically pleasing? So get your goal digger pen and favourite mug, light that candle and start budgeting. I looked for a budget planner in Ireland that was relatively inexpensive. So I created my own with all the tips and tricks I learned. That is a massive mindset shift; since then, this page has its own Youtube Channel with tips and tricks, A mentoring program, a Facebook page and Newsletter to help reinforce the Budget Mindset; we run workshops in schools and colleges to help you stay on budget.

Budgeting made me realise that a struggling single mother is a TV presenter, an Author of The Money Mentor, and someone who can change people's mindset around money. It has been a game-changer for me in so many, and I know it can be the same for you.

This is a community of progressive thinkers where we refuse to accept that.

Set goals and create lifelong habits of living the life you deserve!

Big Love
Santis x